T[💕] [💚] Good morning dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Jesus/Yeshua! I greet you with all the love of God the father of our Lord and savior Christ Jesus of Nazareth!

Please do not fear the supernatural, mystical, spiritual side of Jesus! Please do not fear or hold captive the "Upper Room" experience, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit! Believe it, submit to it, embrace it and release it! 

I encourage you to get deeply intimate with Christ - the Holy Spirit, the divine light life source, living inside of you! 

Spend much time alone with Him, get to know Him, talk to Him, romance and walk with Jesus; until one day you know Him so well that you look like Him! 

Above all else! 

Should you truly commit to and desire this romance, He will expand inside of you and ultimately envelop every cell of your being! His essence will radiate in you and rivers of living water will pour out of you!  [💗] [💕]  

Words of love, light, life and truth will flow out of you and into every soul God places upon your path! 

Everyone you meet will be touched by a divine supernatural encounter with the living God! 

People will be awakened, uplifted, encouraged, cleansed, healed, inspired and saved! 

All these wonderful qualities and characteristics of the Holy Spirit, will operate in and flow through you! Like Jesus, you will be a "very peculiar person!"

This is the potential of every born again Holy Spirit filled follower of Jesus! 

We simply have to be truly willing to die to self will and follow the lead, guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit indwelling us! 

As we mature in this relationship, our personal walk with God; the miracle working powers of the Holy Spirit operating through us increase, as we decrease! 

This is the ultimate fulfillment of Gods will for our lives! 

This is the lamp stand that is full and flowing with oil! This is the lamp stand which is ON FIRE with, in and for The Lord! A city on a hill! 

I encourage all to aggressively desire ultimate, intimate spiritual maturity in Christ Jesus! 

I encourage all to settle for nothing less! 

Jesus gave it all, let's follow Him! Whose in? Who will join me? 

The salvation or damnation of countless numbers of souls is dependent upon our selfless sacrificial service, in administering the Holy Spirit to a sleeping, lost and dying humanity! 

If you have yet to truly lay down your life for The Lord and are ready now, quickly unplug from the world and get alone with Him, He's waiting for you

If you have already started, continue with reckless abandon in awe and wonder of our Fathers extravagant love for all man! 

If you started and stopped, start again, His mercies and grace are new everyday! 

I believe that when I stand before my maker, God will have only two questions for me: 

1. How well did you get to know me? 


2. Who did you bring with you? 

I live and long for the day I hear my Father say, "Well done my good and faithful servant!" I want every single soul to hear these words! 

I want every single soul to know that Jesus willingly gave His life out of His love for them! I want every sinner/man to know about the redemptive blood of Jesus, the great love, grace and mercy of the one true God! 

I want every single  human soul to experience the supernatural born again spiritual awakening salvation through Jesus/Yeshua!

How about you? Whose in? Who is willing to join me? Who will lay down their life, pick up their cross and follow Jesus? [💚] [💕]ype your paragraph here.