T  [❤] Powerful Prayer [❤]

Good morning Lord God! Thank you for the gift of this day! My aim today is you! That you alone Lord God, will receive record breaking praise, honor and glory from humanity! 

I boldly come before you divine and mighty Father, all thanks be to Jesus-Yeshua of Nazareth; He who tore open the veil! He who made 'The Way!' O glory! Sweet glory! 

Exalted on high, my praise will lift you ever and always higher,  my sweet Lord! Glorious you reign supreme forever in the throne room of my heart! 

Thank you for Christ in us! Thank you for living intimately inside each and every born again follower of Jesus! 

By the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling me, I right now lift up Jim Hickman, along with each and every single person who is asking for prayer, up to you Father God! I ask that your perfect will be fulfilled in their lives! 

I right now MAGNIFY the power of Christ WITHIN THEM and in all of your children worldwide! 

I pray that every experience, trial, suffering and tribulation; be fruitful in drawing us closer to you O Lord God! All for our maturity in Christ, as we are made into your image and likeness! All for your glory and the expansion of your Kingdom now and to come! 

Peace be still; for Christ lives-flows-is, inside the heart of our very own body temples! 

In Christ, in peace with joy, we trust-we rest in you O Lorddd! 

And so it is!

In the holy name of our beloved Lord and savior King Jesus! [❤]ype your paragraph here.