Do you know

that your eyes light up from the source deep within

the way the softness of your voice soothes my tattered skin?

Do you know

that that wisdom of your faith appears so effortlessly strong 

that you beauty and your grace

have blessed me all along?

Do you know

that your great capacity for compassion

is that only found of avatars

that your divine intelligence and gentle

touch reach far beyond the evening stars?

Do you know

that your love is so true and your being so real

that just reciting you name can bring me to heal?

Do you know

just how much I appreciate the great service you provide

that the example you have set

has opened my heart wide?

Jesus do you know

that my love for you wells deeply from inside?

Jesus do you know how much I love you?


I know that I know you

It seems so long ago

Bitter anger and pain 

have darkened your glow!

Your heart aching for love 

and your mind for truth

Yet the ego prevails 

and the dove still asleep!

Look to the creator of all that is life

and gone be the days of struggle and strife!

Put the ego in check

no one makes it alone!

God will move over

There is room on His throne!

Surrender so deeply 

to the Master completely

and you will find 

that you are already Home!


When your tired of being tired

Tell yourself that your fired!

And give the job to God!


I will to will thy will you see

for all that I can truly be

Creative flow my destiny

For in you I have been set free

To soar through all eternity!