We think so might all alone

trying to achieve the throne!

Humility is our pot of gold;

for God is our reason;

made of our soul!


I have one intention 

that is to live from my heart!

To be from compassion

to see all the parts

Can you imagine a life filled with love?

Open your heart and you will rise above!

Into the truth you will sail so high; 

far beyond the endless sky,

and all for simply asking why?

Why God? Why am I here?

To love ....


Brilliant her majesty

effortless her flow

Innocent her existence

radiant her glow! 


A very special love indeed

exist within the family tree!

Between sisters and brothers

a bond like no others!

A connection so strong,

like words to a song!

An appreciation so deep,

within my heartbeat;

the feelings of sister so sweet!


To be in the moment

right now, right here

all is truly well

there is nothing to fear!

I dance in your stillness

as I rest in your calm;

gently held by the love

in the heart of your palm!

Your song is eternal 

and word is so true;

there is only one love,

it could only be you!

The great wisdom you give me

to ascend way up high;

makes me thirst for your water

as to never run dry!

Drinking only from your fountain

by your side i will lye;

I am but a twinkle

in the center 

of Gods eye!


flurries of fluffy while flakes

swirl and dance in love;

the truth inside the illusion