Magically forming while falling

from the mystical clouds above,

bringing the gift of life to earth;

with each raindrop it must be love!

As you touch my skin so cool and wet,

awakening my senses so i will not forget;

just how blessed I am to be alive!

So I will sing in the rain;

for in its harmony

I will thrive!


How taken I am by your patience and grace

such gentle instruction

flowing from your heart place!

The smile on your face so shinny and bright!

Your wisdom within has given me sight!

The great service you render

asking nothing in return;

for the vision of your action is my greatest learn!

The truth in your eyes

pierces the depths of my soul;

to be my best student is my solemn goal!

The great gratitude and thanks I feel

are well beyond words;

though it may be heard in the singing

amongst the love birds!

Your compassion and love 

are so graciously kind;

a better teacher one will never find;

than the one who aligns 

the heart, soul and mind!


I see the light in the brilliance of the sun

in the smiles and the laughter 

of the children having fun!

I feel the light in the warmth of your glow

at night the stars, what a beautiful show!

I look in your eyes and I see what I know ...

the light is inside of you

Gods eternal flow!


To absolute surrender

be not the offender!

The choice is yours to make,

will you be real or be fake?

Its time to awake

to the life you create,

give it up to the light 

and you will regain your sight!

As you soar to higher heights,

one could never shine so bright;

than in the center 

of faiths solid might!


Wake up from your sleep

as i awoke from dead;

to still all the voices inside your head!

There you will find, peace of mind!

Paradise i believe; the kingdom within 

is by far mans greatest find!